Saturday, August 17, 2013

                                   The computer is restarting continuously

when computer is restarting continuously then some problem in computer is given below :

 1.Processor is heated. Replace the Fan.
 2.Some component of the motherboard is heated .check it.
 3.Replace the RAM.
 4.Remove the viruses.
 5.Reinstall the operating system.
 6.Reassemble the pc.
 7.Format the hard disk.

8.Remove the newly attached hardware and install driver ,software and setting.

 NOTE :-Find out the location of restarting computer.

 NOTE :-If it is restarting in a particular location or a particular comment then locate this location and                            resolve the problem.

 NOTE :-If it is restarting infinite location then there may be possibilities of heating problem or                                       viruses problem.


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