Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How to assemble the computer

When we going to assemble the PC then we required 7 components to assemble.

2.CPU Fan
3.DDR3 Ram
4.ATX cabinet 
6.DVD writer
7.Any processor
Firstly take the Motherboard and fix the required processor in it.Make sure that the processor and processor socket have same numbers of pins.Then fix the CPU fan above the processor for cooling purpose.Fix the RAM on the ram sockets .
After that Fix the Motherboard in ATX cabinet by using screws.
Attach the SMPS at the back side of the cabinet and make it fix by using the screw.
Connect the wire to the required places. and also attach the DVD writer to the cabinet.
After completing this make sure that the wires are attached properly and cleanly.
then ON the CPU and it will definitely works properly....
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